Activities to take part in while journeying through the rail trail in South Island

 For those who love to travel and visit new places, the rail trail South Island has now is one of the few best trails to follow. The recent trail which has been added to the ones existing previously is the Nelson Belgrove Railway which links Nelson to the rest of the South Island. This has been a dream for many of the visitors and regular travellers, and finally it has taken shape, making the journey even more efficient and exciting. For those who prefer travelling on a bike or cycle, such trails are equally accommodating. There are lots of activities that can be done along the way while you continue on your journey through a bike, cycle or a horse. Here are a few of the activities that can be taken part in while you are on your rail trail.

  • Bungee Jumping: While you are taking your perfect cycling ride into the South Islands, you can stop at anytime for a lovely view of the land from above and engage yourself in the thrilling activity of bungee jumping. A warning that often comes with this activity is that it is not meant for light hearted people and certainly not for those who are scared of heights. But trying it once in your lifetime is a must to boost your adrenaline rush.
  • Caving: Apart from discovering new avenues and roads on your bike, you can always stop for sometime to relax and walk around a cave. The rail trail south island offers to the travellers has some amazing caves along the way. It is advisable to stop and explore at least one cave, if time permits, to discover the beauty of these dark and hidden places. Most of the caves are maintained by trusts and organisations and provide you with an experienced guide to make your cave exploration experience even better. The guide would tell you all about the history and origins of the place as well as help you to safely navigate your way through. Visit at Cycle Surgery 
  • Skydiving: For those who want to experience the sky up close and personally can opt for sky diving. Sky diving lets you get an aerial view of the land. Skydiving too is an activity that would make your heart pound while you experience how it feels like ‘flying in the air’; although you would be provided an instructor and a parachute at all times.
  • Fly fishing: Rail trail South Island has, has many beautiful rivers along the course of its way. You can spend some time sitting along the banks of these rivers and try to catch a fish or two, if luck is by your side. Fishing is a great family and recreational activity as well.
  • Helicopter sightseeing: Another interesting way to see the world from above is the helicopter sightseeing. At any point of time if you want to continue the journey on a helicopter, then you can book for one to help you complete the rest of the journey from air instead of having you cycle all the way.

Thus, these are some of the best activities that you can take part in while you are on your journey in the South Island. To know more about such fun activities and tour ideas you can check out websites like

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